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Reverse Phone Detective Complete Review

reverse phone detective

Reverse Phone Detective

Reverse Phone Detective offers a comprehensive web based service that provides you a reverse search for any phone number in the US to find more information about it, and of course, the real owner. This option is the one we prefer because it seems to have the most extensive database and offer a 60 day unconditional money back guarantee.

What Is This Service Good For?

Reverse Phone Detective has proven to be helpful to stop harass calls, search for lost calls and especially good for businesses that receive calls out of business hours. If the phone you are searching with the service is not found in their extremely huge database, you will be given credit to make free searches, but you may also request your money back.Reverse phone detective is not a scam because they use Clickbank as their payment processor which honors refunds for 60 days after purchase.

This Service Could Be Used For:

And best of all, you could use it immediately and anyone; even computer illiterates will use this just fine.

Some will doubt if this service is better that free reverse phone alternatives, but the free options will have a very hard time finding cell phone numbers and unlisted numbers because those are collected independently and are not available in public databases. This service is also much more complete than free sites on the Internet that give you the location of people, because this service gives you a complete profile, including: name, address, address history, household members and if the line is a mobile phone or not.

Reverse Phone Detective is so powerful that if you enroll, you must agree to NOT use it for illegal purposes.

Negative Things About The Service

There is no guarantee that people will follow the agreement. Another minor negative is that although the offer refunds, they ask for reasons why you are requesting the refund. The best way to get a complete refund is going to their payment processor Clickbank which will issue a non-question asked money back refund for up to 60 days after your purchase and you will get it because this is a large company that honors refunds like clockwork.

Some complain about additional fees they charge when you request more info about the searches, but keep in mind that if you were to pay a detective to that kind of work, probably you will end up paying a lot more than they charge for this. If you consider this, they charge very little compared to a search done by a human and the service is very convenient because you even could conduct searches in the confort of your own home.

Price and Guarantees

The membership requires a simple one-time fee per number or year with support for free if you have problems. The full phone report will cost $14.95, but the yearly agreement of $39.95 will be much more effective if you receive many harassing calls or have more than 3 people living in your house. The large database and the low price makes this service the best you could find on the Internet.

Final Thoughts

This service is a very good resource for people to need to research callers and there is a sample that they give for free which shows the city and state for any number.

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