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Phone Detective Scam or Provides Good Value?

phone detective scam

Is Phone Detective a Scam?

Phone Detective is a service that helps you search for any phone number in the US and has proven to be helpful to stop harass calls, search for lost calls when the phone has not caller id service and useful for businesses that receive calls out of business hours. Although most users are really happy with this service, as always, you will find those that are not happy and post negative comments and write blog posts with titles like: “phone detective scam” and such.

The Main Benefit of This Service

Although there are public records, you won’t find unlisted numbers or cellphone numbers there, so you should select one of the few companies that collect data from different sources and group all this into one central database. One way is select one of these companies by yourself, or the easiest is select the one that we evaluated previously as the best.

Some Inconvenience About The Service

The most commented thing about this service is that if the phone you are searching for is not found in the database (that is extremely huge) you will be given credit to make free searches instead of giving your money back and that is the main reason why some people write articles with the heading “Phone Detective Scam” and such. Although getting the money back would be the best solution for the customer, the reality is that very few people end up getting credits because the phones where not found, so this is a really a minor issue, but if you really want your money back you could insist and they will only ask why you want it. Still, if you don’t want to give explanations and just want your money back, you could contact their payment processor (Clickbank) and they will refund your money, no questions asked. This is the main reason why the reverse phone detective is not a scam, because Clickbank always honors refunds and execute them immediately, without hassles.

Others complain about the fees they charge when you request additional information about the searches made, but it is important to consider how much you will end up paying to a human detective to do the same type of work and most of the time this payment is by the hour. If you think about that, the charges are very little compared to a human doing the search, so yelling something like “Reverse Phone Detective Scam” is outrageous, considering the refund policy of Clickbank.

But Is This Service For You?

If you have less that 3 people in your place, then probably the phone reverse detective service is not for you. But if you are a gorgeous girl, have a business that could receive calls out of business hours, or are in a situation that you want to know certain numbers in your bills because suspect a cheating spouse or something strange, then the service is worth considering and the price will be completely justified. Fear not because the ones that write headlines like “Phone Detective Scam” have no valid arguments for telling so.

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